The Pros to Fear

When people think of fear, they automatically associate the feeling with a negative mindset. We remember how anger stems from fear; the feeling can even seem paralyzing at times. Although phobias and anxieties only seem like an inconvenience, fear is detrimental to any individuals’ life and learning experience. A life without fear would be similar to a novel without a plot; people who embrace these times of uncertainty tend to learn more than people who shut themselves in. I learned from a young age that although fear is a gripping emotion, there is normally a positive lesson hidden somewhere between the tears.
Sometimes, you need the feeling of not having anything left to lose to discover what your heart truly wants. I’ve been there; when you’re so depressed or scared that you fear being defeated. I learned first-hand that if you feel that threat of defeat, soon there will a change to drag you out from those dark depths. It definitely isn’t something that occurs effortlessly. One needs to ask themselves, “what needs to change so I will no longer feel this way?” and truly attack whatever you need to head-on. Use the threat of failure as motivation to feel happy. Use the motivation as a distraction from the sadness. One can learn a lot about themselves when they work hard to restore what they want and grow into a better individual.
The ones who look at a fearful situation as a reason to hide away end up falling into even darker depths. Some people habitually look at the dark parts of their life that they’ve had to trudge through. They have great difficulty changing their gaze to the lighter aspects. These individuals struggle with the weight they carry and miss the lessons laid out for them. This sort of tunnel-vision can become a chronic problem and take over the majority of a person’s perspective. One must remember to look back on fearful moments and analyze why they felt a certain way and what a better approach would have been. If individuals are willing to reprocess events with a level head and an unbiased opinion, they could absorb more life wisdom. Thinking with tunnel-vision will only guarantee repeated bad habits.
Fear is a totally normal and natural response. It can be powerful, so it is important to keep a grip on the emotion so it doesn’t control you. Once one learns to tame the feeling not only would they be an emotionally stronger individual, but they’d also have more developed social skills. Being a wiser individual, one would be less impacted by other people’s destructive behavior. By learning to work with social anxieties, these individuals would have longer and stronger relationships in both social and work settings.
Rejecting the feeling is even more harmful (being afraid of fear could cause even worse issues). With this being said, taking these steps to manage fear and a great way to learn to live with the emotion. When one has fear properly managed, embracing the feeling helps boost confidence from there. Overall, I’ve learned to love fear. Being vulnerable usually leads to personal growth when using a positive mind-set.

Hum strong.

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