Feeling small in a big world is an obstacle most people come across multiple times in their life. Although scary at times, these are crucial points in one’s maturing development. The decisions an individual makes during this feeling majorly affects the outcome; do you cower, or hum strong like a Hummingbird?

Full disclosure, I am not the Hummingbird; not yet at least. The Hummingbird is someone you admire or the image of the person you yearn to be. The journey is never an easy flight for the Hummingbird, but you always admire the fight they give and the beauty they possess.

This is the story of how I become the Hummingbird, and what I have learned.

This is a personal site I have created to keep myself intellectually busy. I have always admired listening to other people’s opinions to fully understand situations and beliefs.

In this blog I hope to clearly explain my stance on specific topics, and to improve my writings, and my understanding of society and current events.

Feel free to use the contact menu; I’d love to hear from you!